Theme: Ramleela

The Theme of Sargam 2023, Ramleela, will transport all the attendees into the captivating world of Ramayana, where ancient wisdom will meet contemporary artistic expression, bringing to life the divine journey of Lord Sri Ram.

Sargam, this year, is set to explore the timeless lessons and values embedded within the epic Ramayana while showcasing the unique talents of the student community. With a diverse range of competitions and activities, Sargam 2023 will provide students an unparalleled platform to explore, exhibit and embrace their skills, passion and talents.

This event aims to foster a sense of connection to cultural roots while inspiring participants to contemplate the profound teachings that transcend time. A beautiful amalgamation of cultural exploration, artistic expression, profound joy and boundless enthusiasm awaits you all with a deep dive into the eternal epic, Ramyana!